रविवार, 8 जुलाई 2012

Prediction By Charchit-1

SwaSaSan Welcomes You...

Prediction By Charchit-1  

( विश्वास  करना असंभव लग रहा हो तो ऊपर लिखे नाम 
 charchit chittransh को अपने वेब ब्राउजर google आदि मै लिख सर्च कीजिये 
पिछले वर्षों का लेखाजोखा शायद आपको आश्वस्त करने में सहायक हो सके  )

Friends; as I warned successfully well in advance about some disasters 

including previous big train accident in India, some earthquakes partially affecting India (like of China, Pakistan, Italy, Indonesia etc,), 

Now I have much Exciting Intuition as-

India and Rest of The world


India are going to head rest of the World by 2035-50...!!!

  USA will loose this position

 without any special effort done by India

 for the purpose  !!!

Next President of USA after Obama will be founder of it !

Besides geological disturbances